August 20, 2007

What Causes Sexual Desire?

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Megan said...

I'm not sure I agree that "All sub-conscious judgments are ultimately traceable to conscious philosophy". There are many cases in which people never make conscious judgments, but rather they internalize judgments that are implicit in things that they accept for other reasons. In other words, many judgments become internalized as a part of a package without ever being considered consciously.

Dan Edge said...


Overall, I think this is your best article so far. You use a good number of examples in the beginning to concretize the issue, your argument stays pretty much on track, and you provide evidence for your conclusion: that one's sense of life determines whom he will sexually desire.

One critical note: The second half of the article could use a lot more examples, particularly in your discussion of sense of life. It seems from the first half of the article that your audience is "the educated reader" who doesn't necessarily have specialized knowledge of Objectivism -- a reader who wouldn't necessarily know what "sense of life" is, for example.

This is not a criticism, but: you may want to experiment writing the same article grammatically in third person rather than first person plural ("one" instead of "we"), and see how you like the difference.

I enjoyed the article. Thanks.

--Dan Edge

meghufree said...

Superb.... I just stumble upon your article .. But the way you have rationally cut open emotions is mind boggling!!

Anonymous said...

Value judgements...that is absolutely true! What we value, what "turns us on", what we find will work well in our life, is what we find attractive...not simply the physical sexual attraction, but what draws us to the person chemistry wise, based on value judgements.

This is why what we find attractive can change over time, with age and experience too.

Great article! I'm glad I stumbled across it. It breaks it down from a primal point of view, which we all are, and explains it very clearly. I understand this aspect better now!