November 29, 2007

What Causes Sexual Attraction? (Revised)

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Jason said...

This is a revised version of an essay I wrote awhile back, and I think the revisions helped to clarify the nature of sexual attraction as well as how it actually works. I'm now working on the second part of the essay which will analyze different philosophical ideas and how they would manifest in sexual behavior.

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Allison said...

Nice work above. You seem very well informed and educated on sexual attractions, and I was wondering if you might have any insight as to what it would be called or defined as, for someone who could be attracted to anyone (pansexual), though at times strictly in one direction or at other times in no direction at all; just no ability to feel sexual attraction. I've been trying to figure this out for many years now, and any insight you may have into this more specific area would help, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, even if you're unable to assist.

Jason said...


I'd be glad to try to help. Are you trying to understand how someone could be attracted to different kinds of people at different times or are you asking more for the implications of such desire?

E-mail me a more detailed question to and I'll be better able to answer your question.


Anonymous said...

Phenomenal insight. Very well explained. Elegant. To the point. Excellent work.