October 10, 2009

My First Nude Beach

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Adam Reed said...

Hurray, and thank you!

Dan Edge said...

When I lived in New York, whenever we went to the beach we always went to one of the nude beaches in NJ. Just more fun.

--Dan Edge

Tenure said...

The only things I would say:

1) I would be very embarrassed about doing it with friends

2) I would not want to see the *other* naked people, for there is... well, nothing quite so glorious about their crustly, fat old bodies.

Jason said...


1. It was slightly uncomfortable when we were taking off our clothes, but once we were naked it wasn't uncomfortable at all.

2. There weren't many other naked people at the beach we were at, but even the older and heavier people who were there weren't disgusting or "crusty." There is nothing necessarily disgusting about the human body. Obviously some bodies are more beautiful than others and some are objectively better than others. However, one of the first things people need to do in order to have a happy life is to be comfortable that this is who they are, body and mind, and even if they want to change for the better, they must first still recognize who they are. I think that a nude beach can really help people with this.


Tenure said...

1) Ok. I might still be more prudish than you, I guess.

2) Yeah, I see. By the way, looking back on my comment, I might have been a bit insensitive. I just didn't want to be insincere about what I thought either. So, I hope you don't think I was being deliberately abrasive there.
Anyway, I stumbled on a nude beach by accident once, and found the people there really revolting. I really could not enjoy myself with them there. Now, it's good to be comfortable with your own body, and more power to them. However, I am not comfortable with their bodies, and hence I would not want to partake.

Jason said...


You know, for me the experience of the nude beach was more about me being naked and unencumbered than about the scenery. I really didn't pay much attention to the other people on the beach. If you ever get the chance again, go for it! Don't worry about how the people around you look or how you yourself look, just take off your clothes and play in the water and enjoy yourself. Incidentally, you should probably hurry before the christian reich makes it illegal, as they have now done in California.


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